photo: Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has a new campaign, and they want parents to know, “When kids take on challenges, there’s no limit to how far they’ll go.” Mattel’s new “Challenge Accepted” campaign aims to help moms and dads know that the iconic mini cars are much more than simple toys. So what are they? Check out the details on this new campaign and how you might just look at Hot Wheels differently after learning about it!

Your car-obsessed kiddo begs, pleads and even bargains with you for yet another Hot Wheels car. You’re thinking, “Well, it’s just a toy.” But, Mattel wants you to know that it’s more than that. The cars, that have been around for decades, are actually tools that can help children to develop valuable life skills.

The cars and track sets will now include icons that let you know which specific skills each toy can help your child to develop. These include, “Promotes different ways of thinking to overcome obstacles,” “Fuels the ability to innovate and invent new ways of thinking,” “Encourages kids to play fair and have respect for others” and “Equips kids to cope with frustrations when they arise.”

So challenge your child, help them to problem-solve and let learning loose with Hot Wheels!

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