2020 is almost here. Besides all the fresh ideas and resolutions, you know what’s got us excited? The incredible new products about to drop at IKEA in the new year. That’s right, the IKEA 2020 catalog you’ve been drooling over for months is about to get real. We found a few of our top picks for must-have new IKEA items and shared them below. Happy shopping.

TROLLBO Pendant Lamp

It's always life under the Big Top with this circus-tent inspired lamp. It's also perfect for an isolated light source over a desk or workspace. 

Grab it here, $24.99

NIKKEBY Four-Drawer Dresser

This red locker-inspired makes the grade, especially for those looking to give their entryway a makeover. Perfect for storing shoes, clutter or outdoor gear, this is a find we are stoked about in 2020. 

Order one here, $79.

MINNEN Bed Frame

Not only is the style of this rod-iron bed frame timeless, but it has extendable features to grow with your child. 

Grab one here, $119.


This mirror has two things a tween deems essential: a bowl and hooks for baubles/things and a smartphone holder. The real issue is that you'll probably want one for yourself, too.  

Snag one here, $29.99

ANILINARE Storage Boxes

Since you made a resolution to get organized in 2020, how about a couple of these charming flowered boxes? Use them in closets, on a desk or even on bookshelves. 

Buy them here, $9.99.

PELARBOJ Pencil Light

This unique night light doubles as chic room decor, so all you interior-design minded folks can have your cake and eat it too. 

Buy one here, $24.99.

ANTILOP High Chair Cover

You and your toddler spend A LOT of time near/on/in the high chair, so why not give it a fresh look for 2020. We love the bright print in this new cushion cover, and we love that it helps to make clean up a breeze. 

Grab one here, $4.

NISSAFORS Utility Cart

Whether you use it for art supplies, for a coffee tray or for more storage, you'll definitely be able to find a use for this handy utility cart. 

Grab one here, $24.99.

SPIGIG Play Kitchen

A love of food begins at an early age, especially if someone else in the family likes to cook. This set comes with curtains, so from puppet shows to playing restaurant, the possibilities for pretend play are endless. We also love the chalkboard for writing down the daily specials!

Buy it here, $37.49.

ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic Pillow

Before kids, we would have laughed at people getting excited about a pillow, too. But seriously, this ergononmic side/back sleeper pillow might just be the answer to quality zzzs in between wake up calls. 

Buy it here, $14.99.

—Gabby Cullen



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