Once upon a time, there were these little plastic bricks that kids built with. And then came computers, and tablets, and smartphones. And your kiddo wanted to stare at a screen all day. Well, now your app-loving child can get their tech fix in while getting hands-on. How? The new LEGO remote-control Batmobile for a start!

Okay, okay. So you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal with a remote-controlled vehicle?” After all, your kiddo already has a toybox filled with them. LEGO’s new Powered Up line (which features the Batmobile set) includes plenty of building opportunities but combines them with technology. Your child can control the Batmobile with a remote or use the Powered Up iOS/Android app interface. You’ll need a device that runs on iOS 8.0 or Android 5.0 or up.

As if using an app to control the Batmobile wasn’t absolute awesomeness, later this year LEGO will be adding a coding feature that allows the user to code new stunts, sounds, movements and more.

The 321-piece Batmobile set (for children ages 8 and up) will be available August 1, retailing for $99.99. Along with the LEGO bricks, your child will get two motors and a battery hub. So get ready for some serious tech-filled fun!

—Erica Loop

(Editor’s note: A previous version of the story incorrectly listed the LEGO building set’s price.)

Featured photo: pixabay.com


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