What’s your most memorable day? Was it your wedding day? Or, maybe it was the birth of your baby? For one new mama, both of these memorable days just so happen to be the same. That is, the same day. How is this possible? Check out what happened just four days before expectant parents Jael and John Pulcipher’s wedding day.

The soon-to-be mommy and daddy had planned their Michigan lakefront wedding ceremony for the end of July. But on the 25th, Jael’s water broke. If you’re wondering — why did they plan their wedding so close to their baby’s due date? — they didn’t.

Jael’s due date was September 16, a full eight weeks after their wedding date. When Jael’s water broke (surprise!), the couple hoped to keep the baby on the inside until after they said their vows. But life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. And Jael’s midwives refused to let her leave the hospital while the nearly-there mom was in labor. Whoa! Wanting to wait for after the wedding to push? That’s one Viking mama.

In the end, Jael had the baby before the wedding. Hey that’s okay. And the couple brought the ceremony to the hospital. Instead of a lake view, the new parents were wed on the lawn outside of the hospital.

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