It’s no secret that new mamas don’t get nearly enough sleep. If you’ve ever wondered just how much, or how little, sleep they actually get—Owlet Baby Care has answers.

OnePoll recently conducted a survey of new moms on behalf of Owlet Baby Care. According to the survey’s stats, only four percent of these new mamas get the recommend eight hours of shut-eye per night.

photo courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

How much sleep are new moms getting? Owlet’s survey shows that 51 percent get less than six hours each night. Even though new moms aren’t getting nearly enough sleep, they place a high importance on their nightly rest.

Over one-fourth of mamas can’t even remember the last time they got a full night of sleep. Twenty-six percent said they haven’t gotten a night of uninterrupted zzz’s in six months or more.

The survey also found that 44 percent of new moms would choose a night of uninterrupted sleep over gifts such as chocolate (38 percent) or jewelry (40 percent). One-third of new moms say they’d go as far as paying over $100 for a full night of sleep. Fifteen percent of the parents surveyed said they would pay more than $500!

—Erica Loop



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