Around here we rarely meet a book we won’t give a read, but once in a while a new picture book comes out that leaves our jaws agape. The following three are in that category. Scroll down to get the details and find out how to order your own copy to treasure forever.

The Book of Mistakes 

In spite of the title, we can assure you purchasing this recently-released book for your shelves is no mistake. With minimalist text and inspiring illustrations by Corinna Luyken, this book is all about the artists process: mistakes included. Not only is the message that it’s okay to make mistakes, it shows how mistakes can become something beautiful. An inspiration for any child, especially your budding artists.

Ages: 4-8
Cost: $11.86
Order it now at


Renato and the Lion 

Releasing on June 20, take a watercolor-y journey to Florence in this gorgeous debut book from Barbara DiLorenzo. A moving story about a little boy in Italy on the cusp of World War II and his plan to save his most beloved lion statue. When his family is forced to flee to New York, he leaves without knowing the fate of the lion. You’ll have to read it to find out if the lion survived the war.

Ages: 5 and up
Cost: $17.99 ($12.69 preorder price)
Pre order at

The Lost Picnic

B.B. Cronin has done it again with a seek and find book that we promise you will find yourself happily reading again and again with the kids. If you aren’t already in love with B.B. Cronin’s The Lost House, you can order that one to tide you over until the September release of this new book. Not only will you enjoy seeking out the hidden objects described at the end of the book, you’ll want to frame the pages for your walls: there’s a vintage aesthetic that will take you back to a magical place from your own childhood.

Ages: 3-7
Cost: $18.99 retail (currently available for $12.92 for preorders)
Pre-order it now on

Have you seen any new kid’s books you can’t stop looking at? Tell us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier