Your summer is flying by and if you’ve got some big travel plans ahead! We’ve got the scoop on four products that will change the way you vacation. Space-saving, airport navigating and car-seat hauling never looked so good! Scroll down for the details.

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mifold Grab-and-Go Booster

You’re heading to see the Grands or out on a grand vaycay, but hauling that car seat (or that second car seat) through the airport is old news. If you’ve got a kiddo that’s at least 4 years of age and 40 pounds, the mifold the Grab-and-Go Booster is your new best friend. It folds up to roughly the size of a paperback novel (not kidding about this at all—it is 10x smaller than the average booster and just as safe) and can tuck right into your suitcase or purse. It’s tested and meets regulatory approval in the U.S., U.K. and most other countries. The basic idea is that instead of boosting the kid up so that the seat belt fits across the body correctly, the mifold holds the belt down and keeps it in place. This is not a great substitute for a heavier toddler, so heed the 4-year-old note: our editor tried it with her petite 6-year-old and found it okay for short periods like taxi cabs or when other car seats were not available, but because of his size (he couldn’t see out the window, and has not a lot of padding on his rear) it was not the most comfortable ride for more than an hour. If your kid is in the higher size percentile for age 4 and up, you’ll find this sweet thing a life-saver. We like to pack it for those times when the rental car seat fails or you’re just not sure who is picking you up at the airport! Also great for soccer shuttling, birthday party caravaning and never being caught without a proper seat. Dad-invented! Learn more here.

Age: 4 years (40 pounds) and up
Cost: $39.99
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CozyPhones Kids Character Headband Headphones

You know how kids are always complaining that earbuds are falling out or headphones are sliding? If your answer is yes then you will be thrilled to learn about Cozy Phones! They are a headband and headphone in one, holding those pesky things in place and keeping your kiddos snug and warm to boot, perfect for chilly plane rides or when you have the AC blasting in the car. They come in super cute styles including frogs and unicorns, and for the more sophisticated kid, solid colors including black. They are soft and comfy, washable and have a 100% money-back guarantee if your kiddo doesn’t like them. Pssst…they make adult versions too!

Age: Minimum head circumference of 18”, age at your discretion
Cost: $14.97-$19.99 (most styles)
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Zinc Flyte

Is it a suitcase or a scooter? It’s both! For any parent who has ever had to lug their own child’s suitcase because he is just “too tired,” and for any parent who has felt that fear of missing the flight because of the snail’s pace of airport walking: the Zinc Flyte is your new favorite thing. It comes in three sizes: the mini, for ages 2-4; the midi for ages 4-8; and the soon-to-be released maxi; for ages 8 and up. The best part? It actually makes travel even more fun for kids! We can actually see this becoming a thing for kids who walk to school each day. Learn more about it here.

Age: 2 and up
Cost: $69.99 and up
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JetKids BedBox

Got a long flight planned or maybe you really need to do the red-eye but the thought of traveling with restless toddlers has stopped you? It doesn’t have to anymore! The JetKids BedBox, a is a ride-on suitcase on wheels that converts into a bed in a regular coach seat. Seriously! If you’ve got a baby or toddler, the lay-flat bed feature of the BedBox makes it totally worth the price. For older kids, be advised it’s not quite as comfy and the suitcase doesn’t hold too much. Still, if you’ve got family at long distances or you really, really want to do the nonstop to Iceland, this thing is gonna save you. Kids can use it up to about 77 pounds safely. Read all about our writer’s real-life adventures and review of the JetKids BedBox here.

Ages: up to 7 yrs or 77 pounds
Cost: $199
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featured photo via Zinc Flyte Facebook page