photo: Pixabay 

You admire those Viking-ish mamas who labor through childbirth with absolutely no meds at all. But that isn’t you. Nope. You’re all in for the epidural. But you’ve heard that they slow labor down. And you’re not sure if extra contraction time is something you’re willing to trade for some below the chest numbness. Well, you might not have to. New research, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, may have found that epidurals don’t always slow things down.

To start with, the study looked at women who got epidurals during the second stage of labor. All women started with epidurals. But they changed things up when they hit the second stage. Some of the women got real epidurals. The others got a placebo. The researchers then looked at the time spent in labor (for the remaining part of labor) for each group.

What happened next? The study revealed that the women who received real epidurals during the second stage of labor didn’t have significantly longer childbirth experiences versus those who got a placebo. And there you have it. That epidural might not do as much as you thought to slow down labor.

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