New Star Wars shoes anyone? Your kiddo can’t wait for the December 14 premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Even though the movie theater release is still more than a week away, the merchandise is already all over the place. Along with the cartloads of LEGOs and light sabers that you’re about to buy, now you can also get Star Wars shoes. But these aren’t any ordinary character shoes. Nope. They’re certainly something special.

photo: Clarks

Clarks is collaborating with the Star Wars franchise to bring women and girls a new line of shoes. The “Force of Nature” collection is inspired by the strength of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s fearless female lead — Rey.

The shoes celebrate girl power (and woman power, too). Available as of December 1, be on the lookout for these close-fit high-tops. They’re made from some pretty space-aged materials, making them extra comfy. And, of course, they’re super-cool too.

If your daughter is a major fan of Rey, or you just want to empower her, introducing your sidekick to these Star Wars shoes is a fun way to celebrate being a female.

How else do you help your daughter feel in-control and powerful while being her true, authentic self? Share your thoughts on girl power in the comments below.