If you thought you’d reached your peak on sleep deprivation living with a newborn, think again. A new study suggests that the hours you spend sleeping become less and less as you age because your brain thinks you’re not as tired. Read on to find out why your brain doesn’t seem to comprehend mom-level exhaustion.

While research has already shown that people get less sleep as they get older, experts were unsure of the cause. A new study from University of California, Berkeley has found that as you get older your brain stops receiving the signal that you’re getting tired, which leads to sleep loss. Sleep deprivation can start as early as your late 20s and early 30s, and by the time you’re in your 70s you could be lacking any real deep sleep.

There is no solution to the sleep loss problem yet, as sleeping pills don’t give you the deep sleep your body needs. These findings can hopefully help scientists find a method soon. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take to help. For example, researchers suggest less caffeine intake late in the day — which is easier said than done when you’re trying to survive until the kids’ bedtime.

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