photo: Pixabay

If you find it challenging to balance your family time when work is in the background 24/7 thanks to smartphones and ever-evolving technology, you’re not alone. According to research, workplace environments are becoming more demanding thanks to the constant connectivity modern technology provides, but that same tech might also provide a solution to burning the candle at both ends.

A study conducted by research firm YouGov in partnership with Canary, a smart home security company, found that more than a third of working parents are unable to have dinner with their kids, and 1 out 5 parents are unable to tuck their kids in at night due to work responsibilities. Nearly one half of the 833 parents surveyed were unable to attend their child’s school activities and a quarter were unable to talk to their child about their day. Ten percent of those surveyed reported that their child was home alone or under the care of a nanny, sibling or relative for at least 1-2 hours per day.

So what can you do when work responsibilities make it harder to be home? As Canary suggests, you can make technology work for you by connecting with your kids even when you can’t be there. Of the parents surveyed, 58% said they would utilize a camera connected to their smartphone to check in on kids when they aren’t home. Thirty-one percent said they would use one to help their kids with homework, and 21% admitted they would use it to secretly check up on their spouse while they’re watching the kids.

As a home security company, Canary suggests using a smart camera device, like their own, to not only keep a watchful eye on kids and their caretakers when you aren’t around, but also communicate with them too.

Do you use technology to connect with your kids when you can’t be there in person? Tell us in the comments below.