photo: Pixabay

Vitamins and supplements can help provide the nutrients your family might be missing in their diet, especially for picky eaters, but there’s something else you might be missing that could do your body good too: sugar.

California-based startup, Sugarlogix is working on a new supplement that is based on 2′-Fucosyllactose, or 2’FL, otherwise known as the sugar component in breastmilk. While this synthetic substitute can be ingested or added to food products, its purpose is not to sweeten things up, in fact it’s not even sweet at all. Instead, the purpose of human milk sugar is to regulate gut bacteria.

Much like the idea behind probiotics, 2’FL helps generate more of the good gut bacteria that your body needs. “If we consume them, the population of the good gut bacteria increases, out-populating the bad bacteria that could also reside in your body,” Chaeyoung Shin, one of the co-founders of Sugarlogix, told Fast Company. “This leads to a healthier digestive system, healthier gut, which will then help in boosting your immune system as well.”

While probiotics themselves are an actual living organism, the human milk sugars are a prebiotic, or in basic terms, a source of food for the organisms. Both work together to make your microbiome healthier. The company plans to produce the synthetic version as both a supplement for adults and an ingredient for baby formula.

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