Summer is on the horizon, and what better way to prep than to head to your closest IKEA for items that are perfect for the whole family? From gardening supplies to the cutest towels the pool party will see this season, scroll down to see the newest seasonal stuff from your favorite affordable design store.

Flower Picnic Basket

Pretty much the cheeriest picnic basket we’ve ever seen, this will brighten up your summer movie nights and festival appearances.

Buy it here, $19.99.

Gardening Tools

Your kids’ backyard mud kitchen needed new utensils, and we found the perfect set. Made from reinforced polyamide, and attached on a ring, these tools will get your nature-loving kids outside in no time.

Buy a set here, $2.99.

Velcro Tag Game

Finally, it’s okay for your kids to throw stuff at each other. This new tag-like game is designed for two players, comes with two velcro vests and felt balls that kids can belt at one another. It can also be played indoors or outside. This could be the solution to all those sibling squabbles, amirite? Recommended for kids ages 6 & up.

Buy it here, $14.99.

Colorful Plastic Plates

Give your plastic plate supply an update. Not only will the fun colors help make your outside dinner table pop this summer, but they’re also made of plastic, which means it’ll be easy for little people to manage their own dinner plate.

Buy a set of six here, $2.49

Paint Tray

Summer is the perfect time to work on outdoor art projects. Add this paint tray to your craft supplies for a fun way to keep the mess contained.

Buy it here, $5.99.

Solar Powered Flower Lights

Light up your yard with a few of these adorable solar powered flower lights. Not only will you get your kids outside, but it’ll be a science lesson, too (the included rechargeable battery should give you 12 hours of light once fully charged by the sun).

Buy it here, $14.99.

Pop-Up Shelter

Looking for a way to keep the sun at bay during all your adventures this summer? We like this blue pop-up tent, made from 100% polyester, that’s a breeze to set up.

Buy it here, $24.99.

Popsicle Beach Towel

Measuring in at 71” x 39”, it’s made from 100% cotton, this fun beach towel will cover your kid this summer, whether at the beach or the pool!

Buy it here, $12.99.

Don’t forget to toss a pack (or two) of these boldly printed napkins into your cart before you leave. It’ll make cleaning up after your neighborhood BBQ easy as pie.

Buy a pack of 30 here, $1.99.

Enjoy warm summer nights with your kids by handing out an LED jump rope to each one. Not only is it STEAM-centric (the lights are powered by the turning rope!), but you’ll be able to keep an eye out while the sun sets.

Buy it here, $12.99.

— Gabby Cullen



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