Halloween may look different this year as we remain in a global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less fun.

While our kids are at home spending a great deal of time on their Chromebooks, Halloween can be a perfect escape from screen time to give your kids so much needed time enjoying the festive fantasies of Halloween.

Some entertaining Halloween activities to consider are decorating the doors with black and orange paper and draw witches, ghost, and goblins on them. 

A basement, spare bedroom, or living room are perfect places to decorate with creepy crawlers, orange, and black crepe streamers, and a witch pinata. Consider hanging up some sheets to make separate haunted entrances for kids to go around and trick-or-treat.

And, of course, it’s not Halloween without sweet treats to enjoy. Why not make a papiermâché ghostly bowl to store your candy stash? Here is a tutorial to watch to help spark some creative ideas. Include some treats that provide a bit more than just a snack and offer games and activities, later on.

Have some fun creating creepy capsules. Using a little hocus-pocus, you can turn a Halloween colored Easter egg into something Halloween-y! Simply take a permanent marker and draw something spooky on your plastic eggs such as a vampire, pumpkin, or zombie and then have everyone fill their capsule with slime, a fake spider, or gummies to play a trick-or-treat on your family. Continue the fun by playing a game of ‘Guess What’ with your spooky creations. Have each person take turns selecting an egg with their eyes closed and make a guess as to what they have in their hands.

How to Play:

Step 1. Have everyone fill their capsule with something spooky (keeping what’s inside a secret) and put them all out in a line. 

Step 2. One at a time, each person will have to go through and shake the capsules and guess what’s inside.

Step 3. Write your guesses down on a piece of paper (don’t show anyone your answers), and the person with the most answers correct wins the game.

Try some scary stories or fun facts. Share a favorite fun fact or make up a spooky story. Have everyone put ideas in a pumpkin bowl and take turns sharing the fun fact or coming up with a spooky story around the word you pulled out of the pumpkin bowl.

Lastly, end the day by creating a Halloween mask. You’ll need some paper, glue, scissors, elastic, and crayons, and markers. Cut out holes for your eyes and start decorating. Play a game of hide and seek in your new masks and see what characters are hiding around your house!

While Halloween at home is new to all of us, it can certainly be an exciting adventure and a Halloween you’re likely to never forget!