For those of you needing motivation, a kickstart, or a fire under your buttto get out there and “kill it’ in 2019—this post isn’t for you. 

For those of you who are tired and just want to love yourself now the way you are, this post is absolutely for you and for me. Resolve to change nothing in 2019. Resolve to let yourself off the hook. Resolve to feel joy NOW—not “When I can…When I have… or when I am…”  

I have made New Year’s resolutions the majority of my time on this planet. Some successful, some not. Most of them revolving around weight loss, getting fit and overall outward aesthetics. The past couple of years I have resolved to not change. I have let myself off the hook. At most, I’ve taken a moment to smile and tell myself “feel more joy this year”‚but no goals, no steps and mostly, .no beating myself up when I’m not successful.   

This change came about when I entered my ’30s and noticed that what I want the most, is to be kind to myself. Historically, I have struggled with too many negative thoughts, feelings and overall bull-shirt I told myself. So now, every January I un-resolve and just allow myself to be.   

Be content. Be joy. Be peace.   

If you need it, here is your permission to just be and love yourself in 2019. You are doing just fine. Your kids are fine. We are all doing the best we can.   

Every first of January I listen as others begin their journeys and I exhale. I breathe out, smile and tell myself, I am doing great. To be clear, anyone reading this post could easily peer into my life and find numerous things that could use improvement. I could be “fitter” or “tighter.” I could spend less money. I could fold more laundry and drink less gin. However, the point is, I am already content with myself now, just the way I am.  

Remember that line from Bridget Jones Diary—when Mark Darcy tells Bridget, “I like you, very much. Just as you are.”  It rocks her world to be liked, just as she is. A slightly “pudgy”, drinking, smoking swearing, mess of a women. We can all be our own Mark Darcy’s. Like yourself now, just as you are. 

Resolve to let all the B.S. and “shoulds” go. I am on year three of my resolution to have no resolution and I can assure you it does not grow old. Every year I start out loving myself the way I am. It is the best resolution I never made. So, here is to you, just as you are, in 2019.