If your kids never want to sit still for a restaurant meal, rejoice that warm weather is here and the city’s fleet of food trucks are all coming out of winter hiding. Order from a truck and you can take your food to a nearby park for an impromptu picnic or eat on the go. No sitting or being quiet required, and no frosty glares from customers seated nearby. Whew! But all of New York City’s food trucks aren’t created equal. Some have better quality food than others and some have family-friendlier fare. So Red Tricycle scoured the selection of mobile meals and here’s our list of five to try: three savory and two sweet. Enjoy!


Savory Trucks

Korilla BBQ
The owners of Korilla BBQ make Korean food just like their grandmas used to make with a few updates to make it work on a truck.

What to order: Tacos! They’re easy for little hands to handle and no, these aren’t the tacos that you’re used to getting from that nameless purveyor of a much-sanitized, Americanized version of Mexican food. Tacos come with a choice of ribeye, pork or chicken, marinated in Korean spices. Add slaw and Korilla sauce – we don’t know what’s in it but it sure tastes good – or BBQ sauce.

How much cash?  $7 will get you tacos or a burrito. For a buck more, you can get a bowl with rice instead of a taco shell or tortilla.

Where to find it: Korilla BBQ has a truckfinder on their website which will tell you the weekly locations of its trucks for lunch and dinner. Follow them on Twitter (@Korilla BBQ) to know when the food is ready, so you don’t show up too early.

rickshaw dumpling

Rickshaw Dumpling
Dumplings are the perfect food for kids of all ages – younger tots can pick up these little pockets as finger foods and older kids can pretend to be sophisticated by eating (or fumbling) with chopsticks.

What to order: Don’t confuse these dumplings with the ones you get from your corner Chinese spot. Rickshaw has upped the ante by offering three kinds of dumplings: pork, chicken, and vegetarian edamame, all with their own dipping sauces.

How much cash? For $6, you get 6 dumplings of your choice; this isn’t a buffet, so unfortunately you can’t mix and match. For $3 more you can add a soup or salad. With prices like these, you can order two or three types of dumplings and your kids can taste them all.

Where to find it: Check out Rickshaw’s blog to get the latest dumpling forecast, AKA where the truck will be for the next week. 

milk truck

Milk Truck
We pretty much guarantee that if you take your kids to the Milk Truck, they’ll leave happy. With offerings like grilled cheese, mac and cheese and milkshakes, how can you go wrong? Don’t worry, they have grown up options, too.

What to order: While the kids get a plain grilled cheese, you can dress yours up with some caramelized onions or mushrooms. And the cheese in that grilled cheese? Gruyere, of course. If you grew up eating your grilled cheese with tomato soup, they offer that too, but trust us, it tastes nothing like the stuff that comes out of the red and white can. This tomato soup is made with pureeed plum tomatoes and comes with parmesan shavings on top.

How much cash? A regular grilled cheese costs $5.75, while the priciest option, the Bacon Cheddar Blue, rings up at $8.75.

Where to find it: The Milk Truck’s schedule can be found on its website under the locations tab. It’s pretty much in the same spot every week. On weekends it can be found at the Brooklyn Flea and at Smorgasburg, so after eating at the Milk Truck you can continue to get your grub on or get your shop on.


Sweet Trucks

Kids will love CoolHaus which allows them to mix and match cookies and ice cream flavors to create their own personalized ice cream sandwich. It’s not one size fits all at this truck; every kid and adult can walk away with a different flavor combination.

What to order: Feel like snickerdoodles with peanut butter ice cream? Go for it. How about chocolate chip cookies with red velvet ice cream? Or fried chicken and waffles. We kid you not. It has caramelized fried chicken in a maple syrup ice cream. Even the ice cream sandwich wrappers are edible here. They’re pretty tasteless, but your kid will probably get a kick out of it.

How much cash? Ice cream sandwiches will run you $5 for a single, which is two cookies with a scoop of ice cream in between.

Where to find it: Coolhaus keeps a running calendar on their website so you will always know where to find this tasty truck when you’re craving cookies and ice cream.

Treats Truck

Treats Truck
Ever wish you had won one of the golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Would you have been a good observer like Charlie or would you have ended up like Augustus, swimming in the chocolate? If it’s the latter, then the Treats Truck is definitely for you.

What to order: They sell 22 different types of cookies – though not all every day – including one called the kitchen sink oatie boasting a secret recipe. They also offer four kinds of pies, with a Little Jr. Pie sized perfectly for kids. The Treats Truck is also a chocoholics dream offering eight different types of brownies.

How much cash? Cookies start at just $.50 each. When was the last time you bought anything for such a low price in this town?

Where to find it: To stay on top of the Treats Truck daily locations, follow them on Twitter (@TheTreatsTruck). They usually stop in two locations each day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Where did you last spot one of these food trucks?

–Mikaela Walker

Photos courtesy of their respective food trucks