Since 2011, Brooklynites and their tots have flocked to Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights to relax, visit and laugh with their neighbors over ice cream cones in deliciously decadent varieties. This month, Ample Hills opened a new location in the trendy Gowanus neighborhood. Here, adults and kiddos alike can indulge Ample Hills’ signature flavors while enjoying their expansive 3,600 square foot space. Read on to learn more about this fresh and fun creamery with an old-fashioned spirit.

Counter and Menu_Gowanus - Credit Evan Barbour

Why is Ample Hills Special?

Owners Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna envisioned Ample Hills as a community gathering spot, where locals could come together to enjoy all-natural ice cream that honors Brooklyn’s rich pastoral history. Nearly all of their ingredients for their ice cream and the mix-ins are homemade in the Brooklyn shops. And talk about local – the dairy and eggs they use come from cows milked and eggs laid just days before they make it into your ice cream! Since Ample Hills performs the entire process from scratch – including pasteurization – they’re actually a certified dairy plant. You can feel great about the high quality of your frozen treat, and the kids will go crazy for all of the inventive, delectable flavors they offer.

In terms of flavors, arrive early to get a taste of It Came From Gowanus before it sells out. Other popular varieties are Salted Crack Caramel, which includes chocolate covered buttered crackers, and The Munchies, which features M&M’s, pretzels, Ritz crackers and potato chips.

Ice Cream Churning Bicycle_Gowanus - Credit Evan Barbour

Why You Should Check Out Ample Hills Gowanus

Ample Hills’ love of bringing the community together is evident when you take a look at their welcoming roof deck featuring strings of twinkling lights and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. You can also throw an awesome birthday party in the upstairs party space – their regular package includes fresh waffles, a sundae bar and crafts – but the highlight may be the ice cream-churning bicycle. Kids love riding it and learning how the ice cream is actually made.

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Insider Tip:

During peak times, it’s not uncommon for the line to wrap entirely around the counter, through the door and down the block. To avoid a meltdown before you even get your cone, go with a partner or friend. One of you can grab the little ones and beeline for the back-right corner of the shop, where a play kitchen and toys await, while the other snakes through the line. It’s also the perfect spot to stash a folded stroller. If you discover that the kids’ corner overrun with tots, have no fear. More books and games are stationed on the second floor.

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Go: Ample Hills Creamery
305 Nevins St., Gowanus

Hours: Sun. – Thurs.: 12 p.m. to 11p.m.; Fri. & Sat.: 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Phone: 347-725-4061

Have you stopped by Ample Hills yet? Tell us what you thought in the Comments. What’s your favorite flavor?

-Neetika Cox

Photos courtesy of Ample Hills Creamery / Evan Barbour