Area Kids Club

What is AREA KIDS CLUB and what do we offer?

OPEN PLAY-  We have a water table, building blocks, magnetic blocks, books and a rotating set of toys. We also have lots of fun activities during the day: we make our own playdough, finger paint and have a raw food experiences with kids.  Come play anytime from 9:30am – 6pm.

MAKER’S CLUB- After school, Area Kids Club shifts its focus to school-aged children. Under the guidance of an experienced and fearless club leader, kids can break blocks in Minecraft, build their own machines with Lego Robotics, tinker with electronics using littleBits. Time: 3:30pm-6pm

CHILDCARE for YOGA CLASSES at Area Yoga (court St.)- Area Kids Club and AREA YOGA  work together to create a space where you can take a yoga class for yourself while knowing that your kid is having fun at our club.

MAKER’S CAMP-  a camp for everyone!!! AGES 4-11.Activities: Minecraft, Lego Robotics, Chess, Park Activities, Crafts, Homemade Playdough, Music, Dancing and more.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES-  We rent our space for Custom Birthday Parties.
We will be so so Happy to see you here and make your day fun! :)


-from Area Kids
333 Smith Street
Brooklyn , NY 11231
Phone: 917-909-1986
Online: www.areakidsclub.com
Email: areakidsclub@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/areakidsclub