Baby in Tune

Parents love Baby in Tune for it’s award winning music and it’s unique curriculum, based in music therapy and psychology. The remote classes are not just for babies, rather they are for YOU, the caregiver. Expect to put aside all worries and to-do lists during this class as you take deep breaths, sing joyfully, and connect deeply with your child. Learn how to soothe, connect to, establish routine with and enrich your baby using the power of your own voice as an extra set of hands. You’ll also share and feel supported by other caregivers through discussion and song. This cheerful class includes puppets, scarves, balls, drumming, shaking, dancing and more. Baby in Tune has classes for younger babies, 0-7 months, and for kids up to 3 years old and offer classes almost every day including Sunday. Learn more or register at www.babyintune.com/classes.

-from Vered Benhorin, Baby in Tune
Phone: 917 310 3514
Online: http://www.babyintune.com