Nevermind how did people live before cell phones — how did people parent? From managing schedules to having sitters (and backup sitters) on speed-dial, to, um, documenting every single thing a child does and providing distraction while waiting in line — a phone is up there with diapers on our parenting must-have list. Apps up your parenting game even more, making navigating NYC not only much easier, but more fun, too! We’ve rounded up the best apps for New York City families. Click through and get downloading!

Central Park NYC Lite

Become a Central Park expert with this app that includes interactive maps to all the major landmarks, roads, and trails of NYC's famous public green. The app will also help you find where to rent a boat or hop on a bike. Cool features include locating the nearest bathroom, and a "Find Me" button that shows you exactly where you are in the park. For those looking for educational as well as practical information, the app provides historical info on most landmarks in the park, as well.

Cost: Free

Get it: Central Park NYC Lite

screenshot: Central Park NYC Lite

  • Central Park app
  • Red Rover app
  • Footprints App
  • Stray Boots app
  • Exit Strategy app
  • NYC Way app
  • Red Rover app


What’s your must-have app for making parenting easier in NYC? Share it in the comments below!

— Bethany Quinn