Put down your phones, console controllers, and other digital devices: it’s time for some face-to-face gaming time. Dig out that old board game gathering dust in the depths of the closet and get the family together. Or better yet, visit any of these fantastic spots around NYC where you can sit down and play a game together. Click on through to see where to get your game on.

The Board Game Café: The Uncommons

Visit The Uncommons on a weekday afternoon and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a table. That’s because this board game cafe offers something special: excellent drinks and treats, friendly and knowledgeable service, and all-you-can-play board games.

The selection of board games at The Uncommons goes beyond the well-known titles, featuring an entire wall of shelves packed with games you’ve probably never heard of before. For just $5 per person, you can play any of the games on the shelves for as long as you like. Make it a game night with one game, or try one after the other until you find what you like.

Once you find a crowd favorite that the entire family loves, you can take the fun home: most of the games can be bought right there in the store.

The Uncommons
230 Thompson St.
West Village
Online: uncommonsnyc.com

Photo: via Xander Q. on Yelp

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 Do you have a favorite spot to play games as a family? Let us know about it in the comments!

—Yuliya Geikhman