There’s almost nothing better than homemade cookies fresh from the oven. But after homework, ballet classes and soccer practice, most of us don’t have the time or patience to measure, mix or sift anything. Don’t despair, Chloe Doughy is taking all of the stress out of baking, leaving you and your little ones more time to enjoy all of the yummy goodness. You can get cookie dough delivered right to your doorstep. Sound amazing? It will make your apartment smell amazing, too!

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The Dish on NYC’s Newest Baking Queen

A former Martha Stewart intern, Chloe has used her creativity and love of baking to develop a cookie dough delivery service that allows Manhattan and Brooklyn residents to receive a new flavor at their door every month.

What You’ll Get

For $29 a month, you’ll get two lip-smacking creations from the Chloe Doughy test kitchen – or as she calls them, cookie dough baking projects. The goods range from classics like chocolate chip, to more adventurous flavors, think glazed earl grey and maple snowball.


Why You’ll Love Them

All are made with fresh, natural ingredients, taking some of the guilt out of the sweet indulgence. Plus, you won’t have to shlep sacks of flour home from the store, or measure said flour while your toddler begs you to pick her up to see what’s happening. You get the best of both worlds – the joy of baking and eating fresh baked cookies with your kids, with none of the hard work! That said, not all of the cookies are as easy as scooping a hunk of chocolate chip dough onto a baking sheet. Chloe-O Cookies for example, are a whoopie pie-like sandwich cookie that involves slicing and frosting. Lucky for novice bakers – there are detailed photo tutorials for each variety on the website.

Why Your Kids Will Love Them

They get to eat cookies. Need we say more? The cookie dough kits are perfect for a rainy day activity, a play date or any time you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.


How to Get Cookie Dough Delivered

If you live in Chloe Doughy’s delivery area (Manhattan, south of 120th St. and select zip codes in Brooklyn – Williamsburg, Park Slope and other top family hoods included), your dough will arrive within a 2-hour delivery window. So dust off your cookie sheets and heat up that oven. The smell of fresh baked cookies might even get your entire family in the same room long enough to taste!

Just for Red Tricycle readers – use code red_tricycle at the checkout to receive $10 off your first month of Chloe Doughy when you sign up.

Do you bake with your kids? Tell us about your favorite cookie in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Angela Johnson-Archer

–Angela Johnson-Archer