It’s not your imagination: The circus — all kinds — is everywhere lately. Has witnessing all that flipping, flying, juggling and tumbling inspired the kids to give circus arts a whirl? New York City is full of professionals ready to help your little daredevil, clown or acrobat learn the skills of the big top (often, in incredible, cavernous spaces). From school break and summer camps to ongoing classes and events — some of which are even free — there’s a circus class out there for your kid. Click through to find where to soar with the greatest of ease!

Where to Fly Outside: Trapeze School New York

Start with the basics at Trapeze School New York’s Ground School, where kids ages 6 and up learn about the Flying Trapeze structure, how to wear safety equipment, how to launch yourself, and, most importantly, timing, all while practicing the "knee-hang” trick that looks exactly like it sounds. As kids progress, they’ll move on to Flying Trapeze, an unmatched experience in body awareness and pride of accomplishment.

Ground School by Trapeze School New York
Circus Warehouse
53-21 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, until April when classes return to the rooftop at Pier 40
353 West St.
West Village

photo: TSNY


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— Anna Knoebel