Brooklyn’s City Point development opened its doors last winter but things really got rocking and rolling there this summer, with the opening of the Dekalb Food Hall and Trader Joe’s in June. In fact, we think City Point is a great “it’s too-hot/cold/rainy-for the playground” solution, as well as a prime place to knock out some back-to-school shopping in the dog days of summer. Click through to see what we mean!

Little Giants Giant Shorties

The most recent addition to City Point, Little Giants Giant Shorties, is admittedly too cool for school. (Not literally, though.) The creation of a husband and wife team, the company proudly states on its web site, “Soccer moms won't like us and that's peace!”(Also: "Lame parents stay away.") The retail space in City Point is appropriately high-style, looking more like a Williamsburg boutique than a kids’ clothing store — think dark interior, a touch of neon, industrial fixtures, etc. But the merch is pure urban kid fun: onesies and T-shirts emblazoned with “Asking Mad Questions” and “Wolf of Sesame Street”, as well as books like ABCs for the Little Gs. Hot tip: don’t miss the amazing rainbow illuminated ball pit in the back!


photo: Little Giants Giant Shorties Facebook page 

City Point
445 Albee Square
Downtown Brooklyn

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—Mimi O’Connor