Calling all Instagram-obsessed families! A sleep-themed, interactive playground is touching down in Williamsburg on April 5, and tickets are on sale now. “Dream Machine” promises a one-hour break from reality as visitors explore a space inspired by our sleep cycle and the wild and wonderful dreams that spring from it. Read on for a peek at what’s to come!

photo: Dream Machine

Dream On, Dreamer
Dream Machine is the brainchild of co-creators Paige Solomon and Gary Johnson, both of whom worked at We Are Magnetic, an experiential marketing firm that creates interactive experiences for brands such as Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, and others.

Now, they’re bringing that expertise to their own venture, which they’ve been busily installing at 93 North 9th Street in Williamsburg since January of this year.

What to Expect
While precise info on what, exactly, will be in the Dream Machine is somewhat scarce (we imagine that part of the fun is an element of wonder and surprise) the creators do share that the experience is a self-guided tour lasting about an hour, of 10 unique rooms inspired by the sleep cycle.

Expect environments evocative of “floating through clouds”, “dreaming in black and white”, and “exploring a galactic infinity room.” Plus, it would seem, navigating a blue ball pit, because, well, you gotta have a ball pit, right?

Solomon and Johnson have enlisted the help of other creative professionals and a few brand partners to make this waking dreamworld a reality. A gift shop at the end of the experience will no doubt feature the products of some of those partners; it will also include the work of local artists. (But, organizers clarify: they don’t earn a commission on sales.)

Who’s it For?
Anyone! (Well, anyone who wants to pay $38 to check it out.) That said, it sounds like these are all good dreams and no nightmares, so you don’t have to worry about the “Boogeyman Room” keeping your kid up at night. Kids three and under are free, and anyone under 18 has to be accompanied by an adult. You can reserve your time and buy tickets here.

Know Before You Go
You must buy tickets in advance for Dream Machine. Strollers and large bags are not allowed into the experience, but you can check them. Dream Machine is wheelchair accessible, no pets are allowed, and there are bathrooms on site.

Dream Machine
April 5 – May 31
Tickets: $38
93 N. 9th St.

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—Mimi O’Connor