Endless Mountain Learning Center, INC.

Hello! My name is Jolene Conigliaro, and I am the owner of Endless Mountain Learning Center, Inc., a childcare facility located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We’re educators, this is what we do. We have spent the past ten years writing curriculum and developing learning activities for our facility and now we are packing them up perfectly in a little kit and shipping them right to your door. Like Amazon, but way cooler! Pinterest is great, like REALLY great! But have you ever logged in for a recipe for lasagna only to come out 2 hours and 50 open tabs later confident that you can upgrade the plumbing in your guest bathroom all by yourself? Yup, us too. That’s why we designed a subscription box that takes care of it all for you! Our kits are seasonal and can be purchased one time or you can subscribe and hang out with us for the whole year! Kits include 17-19 activities that have been aligned to PreK Early Learning Standards, all the materials you need to complete (minus any perishable items if an activity calls for one), a curriculum guide to help with every step of the way and a link to online video tutorials if you ever need some extra help.

-from Jolene Conigliaro, Endless Mountain Learning Center, INC.
Phone: 570-465-5437
Online: https://www.myemlckit.com