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Fastbreak Sports’ goal is to instill a life-long love of sports in all of its athletes (ages 1 & up). Their specially designed curriculum offers a healthy combination of skill development, competitive play, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Fastbreak’s “Fundamentals First” philosophy and a high-coach-to-child ratio ensure that each child will improve at his or her own rate. In their classes and on their teams, Fastbreak’s coaches stress the importance of hard work, team camaraderie, gracious winning and losing, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes. They recognize that sports instruction builds character, not just athletes.

Fastbreak’s Class Offerings

Multi-Sport Classes (Ages 1 – 5) **Season registration includes unlimited open play!**
Sport Specific Classes in Basketball, Flag Football, and Lacrosse (Ages 4 & up)
Private Programs (All ages)

Also check out Fastbreak’s…

Leagues (Basketball, Flag Football, and Baseball)
Travel Teams/AAU
Personal Training


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1629 First Ave
New York, Ny 10028
Phone: 212-724-3278

Online: fastbreakkids.com
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