Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? There are so many concerts to choose from this month, and all of them are 100% free for all. We’re recommending you and your kids head out to see terrific out-of-town acts, including Recess Monkey, Alastair Moock and Mister G, as well as a trio from down south making their NYC debut (the band includes the brother of piano popster Ben Folds!). You can also keep it local with an absurd (and absurdly funny) city duo, and the biggest kindie star in the universe paying tribute to Lead Belly with the all-ages side project of popular Latin band Ozomatli.

Big Bang Boom

When: Tuesday, July 2, 10:30 am

Where: Madison Square Park

The first concert of Madison Square Park's outstanding 3-week run marks a rare city appearance from Ben Folds’ brother Chuck, and his electrifying kindie rock trio from North Carolina. Big Bang Boom delivers a high-octane show that demands interaction from both the kids and the adults in the crowd. Don't worry, the kids will take it easy on you during the Hokey Pokey challenge. Probably. Get event details here.