We’re almost out of  the winter woods, and New York is gearing up for spring. While you wait, check out these limited-time only happenings in and around New York. A giant camera obscura, a Zoetrope you power, and out-of-this-world floral sculptures by a Belgian master.

photo: Vanderbilt Republic

Obscura/Gowanus II
We covered Vanderbilt Republic’s Obscura Gowanus when it debuted, and we’re thrilled it’s back for another go. A camera obscura you can walk into, the art piece is running weekend through April 8. (To review, a camera obscura — Latin for “dark room” — is an optical device consisting of a box or room with a hole in one side. Light from an external scene passes through the hole and strikes a surface inside, where it is reproduced upside-down, but with color and perspective preserved.) Creators George Del Barrio and Ashton Worthington have been working in camera obscuration since 2016 and have only gotten better at executing this scientific and artistic feat. This is a preview via Vimeo.

Enter into a space of darkness, let your eyes adjust (expect to be in there for 30 minutes), and see the vistas of Gowanus projected, upside down onto the walls, supersized. It’s science in action, and it’s super cool!

By reservation only. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Weekends through April 8
Tickets: $20
The Vanderbilt Republic
Gowanus Loft

61 9th St.
Online: vanderbiltrepublic.com

photo: via NYBG Facebook page 

The Orchid Show
For its 16th annual Orchid Show, the New York Botanical Garden enlisted Belgian floral artist Daniel Van Ost to design a display in the grand Victorian Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. Called “the Picasso of floral arranging” Ost enlisted materials ranging from bamboo to transparent tubes to showcase the individual beauty of the garden’s extensive orchid collection.

Through April 24
Tickets: Weekends: $28/adults; $12/children 2 – 12, free/children under 2; weekdays: $23/adults; $10/children 2-12, free/children under 2. Members are always free.

New York Botanical Garden
2900 Southern Blvd.
Online: nybg.org

photo: Garment District NYC Facebook page 

Loop in the Garment District
There’s only two more weeks to check out Loop, and interactive public art installation in the Garment District.  Another cool application of a scientific principle (persistence of vision) this work invites the public to bring animated flipbook-style musical movies to life by activating large, retro-futuristic cylinders. Hop in, pump the levers, and enjoy one of 13 musical fairytales, with light, tempo, and speed determined by your efforts.

Through March 31
Tickets: free
Broadway, between 41st and 36th Street
Garment District
Online: garmentdistrict.nyc

What’s on your March must-do list? Share it in the comments! 

—Mimi O’Connor