Still mulling options for how your girl will spend her summer days? If you’re looking for a fresh alternative to the standard sports and swim kind of thing, consider Goddess Camp. Little ladies soak up some serious girl power through nature exploration, art projects, dance and learning about fierce female figures from cultures across the globe. Read on to find out where your daughter can tap her inner-Athena.

photo:Lucie McQuilkan

There’s Actually Such a Thing as Goddess Camp?
Yes! And if you’re thinking of Amazons from Wonder Woman’s Paradise Island, think again (although, they are pretty cool). Geared towards girls ages 5 to 7, Goddess Camp is the brainchild of New Zealand transplant-by-way-of-Hawaii Lucie McQuilkan.

photo: via Mischievous Goddess Facebook page 

You Go, Gir!
Goddess Camp is an offshoot of McQuilkan’s business Mischievous Goddess, which works to help girls “embrace, develop and connect with their femininity, so that early on they see it as a powerful and valuable asset to propel them through life with unwavering confidence.”

McQuilkan weaves her varied experience in fashion design, event planning, dance, childcare and yoga (as well as the ability to rock a floral crown and flowing garments) into ongoing classes, workshops and Mischievous Goddess birthday parties year-round. Now, for the first time, she’s offering a summer camp, too.

photo: Lucie McQuilkan

An International Tour of Goddesses Past and Present
Each week of Goddess Camp celebrates a different female deity or mythic figure, and campers explore this theme through everything from crafts (with an emphasis on process, not results) to dancing to meditation to martial arts.

For McQuilkan, the underlying themes for each week are bravery, strength, beauty, compassion, intelligence, knowledge, and creativity. “My aim is that kids gain an unforgettable and solid foundation of their inherent worth,” McQuilkan says. “[I want] to help wire their minds and set them up for success and teach them the many different aspects of feminine power.”

photo: Lucie McQuilkan

Sekhment, Yemoja, Lakshmi and more!
Sample subjects and accompanying activities at Goddess Camp include:

Mayan Moon Goddess. Campers make crafts such as a Goddess eye and totem pole sculpture, learn the connection between the moon and femininity, explore the life and work of artist Frida Kahlo.

Yemoja, the West African mermaid goddess. Girls make trips to the Sea Glass Carousel in Battery Park and the beach; create a shell mobile, learn African dancing, as well as how to save the “mermaids” via protecting the environment.

Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet. Campers learn Warrior Goddess martial arts; engage in spirit animal drama and play; write their own kingdom rules on ancient scrolls and learn about ancient Egypt.

photo: Lucie McQuilkan

The Details
Camps will be small and intimate, with a cap of 12 campers per session, and in the spirit of embracing the outdoors, much of camp will take place in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park (weather permitting). “Base camp”, where pick-up, drop-off, and some indoor activities will take place is at local family hotspot Edamama, Cute Cuts & More at 568 Union Ave. in Williamsburg.

Goddess Camp runs from July 3rd to August 18th at the rate of $600/week; registration is available for the full, 7-week run or individual weeks. The schedule is  9 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day, and extended day, with drop-off at 8:30 a.m. and pick-up at 5 p.m. is also available for an additional fee. For Goddess Camp inquiries, contact McQuilkan at 646-309-5540 or


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— Kim Sunshine