Unless your heart is made of pure ice, it’s hard not to let out a little squeal (even if it’s internally) over the creations of Hazel Village. The work of owner Jane Van Cleef, the business sells adorable, huggable fleece dolls inspired by the mystery and magic of the woods. There’s a bustling workshop and store in Brooklyn — click through to see inside!

Into the Woods

Van Cleef says she's always been drawn to the idea of fantastical woodlands. The New Jersey native readily admits that as a teenager, she and her like-minded friends created a sylvan retreat in the only patch of woods they could find. "It totally seemed like a place to go smoke pot, but it wasn't," she says. With Hazel Village, she hopes to bring "the magic of the forest" to her customers.

Does your child have a favorite Hazel Village creation? Tell us about it in the comments! 

— Mimi O’Connor