Getting your littles to go to sleep is never fun. That is, unless you’re celeb mama Pink. Ever wondered how Pink puts her kids to bed? The mom of two recently shared her own (totally rad) bedtime ritual on Instagram.

When it comes to bedtime routines, some parents are all about lullabies. Others prefer quiet-time. Pink doesn’t seem to subscribe to either of those ideas. Nope—not in the least!

In a recent IG video, Pink accompanies daughter Willow, 7, and son Jameson, 2, on the drum. As the musical mama pounds a hearty beat, her tot accompanies lead singer and big sis Willow on guitar.

And what is Willow’s musical choice du jour? If your first guess is a Pink pop song, think again. The seven-year-old karaokes her bedtime away to none other than Katy Perry—well, sort of . Instead of the sweet pop tune, super-creative Willow gives her own take on one of Perry’s hits—adding a surprisingly adorable death metal-ish style that’s all her own.

Along with the simple caption “bedtime.” Pink also adds the hashtags #deathmetalisadyingart and #katyperrydeathmetalroar to her Instagram video clip post. Yep, that pretty much sums it all up!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Pink via Instagram 



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