Has all the Twin Peaks revival talk got you craving some cherry pie and a “damn fine cup of coffee”? If so you’re in luck, because a charming little pie shop (cranking out varieties both classic and creative) just opened its doors, and it’s even got a counter to sit at and do your best Dale Cooper with the kids. Bonus: there’s more than pie on the menu, they’ll pour you a glass of wine or a beer, and you can even snack al fresco in a yard out back.

pels holding pie

photo: Pels Pie Co./ Meghan Doherty

Flour Power From Oz

After stints at Bed-Sty coffee shop Bedford Hills and Glady’s in Crown Heights, and months searching for just the right space for her pie shop, Sydney native Alison Pels has laid down roots on Rogers Street in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.  Just steps from Prospect Park, Pel’s Pie Co. is an honest-to-goodness shop that serves delicious flaky butter crust pies expertly prepared by baker Maddy Gentile.

pel's menu

photo: Pels Pie Co./ Meghan Doherty

Let Them Eat Pie 

Classics like apple and chocolate mousse are mainstays on the menu along side more outside-the-box varieties like fig buttermilk honey and other inventive seasonal creations. Gentile also bakes scrumptious cheddar bacon biscuits and savory quiche, all made fresh each and every day.  Eager to please and offer something for everyone, Pels also serves a lovely cheese plate, coffee from Counter Culture, Kusmi tea, and a nicely curated menu of wine and beer. Tea service with fresh scones and cream is available on the weekends from noon – 4 p.m. — perfect for a rainy afternoon DIY tea party!

pel's pies counter

photo: Pels Pie Co./ Meghan Doherty

A Slice of Sweet Serenity

Pels Pie Co.’s atmosphere is as charming and comfortable as its namesake dish. The shop features sea glass colored countertops, the space’s original tin ceiling, and complementary walls of white-washed brick, patterned celadon hued wallpaper and venetian plaster.  Beachy, warm and welcoming, the shop is spacious, with loads of room to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasure of homemade wholesome treats. The kids will love sitting on stools with a slice at the counter, where they can watch Gentile, elbow deep in flour, whip up more pies.

pels wallpaper

photo: Pels Pie Co./ Meghan Doherty

Wanted! Little Green Thumbs 

Step out and enjoy the spacious garden, where the kids can frolic under the sounds of handmade wind chime garlands. Pels hopes to decorate the garden’s currently unadorned long fence with DIY planters — and she wants the kids to help!  Bring a recycled half gallon or gallon plastic milk jug and a seedling next time you come in and the kids can plant it and hang out in the garden.  (Of course, gardeners of all sizes are encouraged to stop in week after week to nurture their plant and appetite.)

Pels Pie Co.
499 Rogers Ave.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens
Online: www.pelspieco.com

Have you had a slice of Pel Pie yet?  We’d love to know your favorite. Tell us in the comments below!

— Melissa Vaughan