There’s a new movie theater in town, and it’s a little over the top in the very best way. iPic Theaters — a chain that boasts 15 locations around the country — bills itself as the new standard in “affordable luxury” for moviegoers, and its newest multi-theater venture just docked in the Seaport District. Birthday party, baby shower, date night: take your pick; we think it’s worth it.


photo: iPic Entertainment

Picture This
“Affordable luxury” sounds a little gimmicky or marketer speak (and the latter for sure is) but we experienced the iPic difference, and we’d have to agree.

The first commercial multiplex movie theater to open in the city in over a decade, iPic Theaters Fulton Market houses 500 seats and eight screens. Theaters are equipped with 7.1 channel Dolby sound 4K digital technology, screens of optimum proportions and the most advanced 3D technology available.

In addition to being brand spanking new (no sticky floors here), the overall aesthetic of the theater (and in house bar/restaurant The Tuck Room) is more groovy nightlife spot than cookie cutter multiplex. Ticket concierges greet you upon entry a la hotel check-in; dark walls are adorned with funky and colorful original art, and moody, beat-heavy music is pumped into the space.


photo: iPic Entertainment

Take a Seat
iPic takes seating very seriously — there’s not really a bad one in the house — and even the “cheap” seats are pretty fantastic. Moviegoers have two choices when choosing a seat, which can be done online via an app the chain promises is as easy and seamless as uber.

Premium Seating features regular or chaise lounge seats, and ticketholders at this tier can choose to buy food  and drinks (which includes alcoholic beverages) at the “iPic Express” food counter. A handy central table holds it all for you.


photo: iPic Entertainment

Welcome to the Pod
For the truly next-level experience, there’s the company’s custom-designed and patented Seating Pods, which founder Hamid Hashemi worked on for years, making sure the form did not interfere with the function of an optimal audio experience. The cozy nooks feature reclining seats and optional footrests, a civilized cubby for a bag and shoes, pillows and plush blankets, as well as a call button, which will summon one of the theater’s “ninja servers” to address whatever food or drink needs you may have. (They are dubbed that due to their ability to serve guests unobtrusively.)


photo: iPic Entertainment

About That Food & Drink
No stale popcorn, Twizzlers and hot dogs here. iPic serves a menu created by James Beard Award-winning chef and longtime Wolfgang Puck partner Sherry Yard. To say that it’s elevated movie food is not really fair. While admittedly not cheap, the eats we sampled were all delicious, and ranged from the filet mignon sliders to the New England style lobster rolls to spicy tuna on crispy rice. (The popcorn, by the way, is also a cut above. All ticket holders get a medium popcorn, and Premium Plus pod ticket holders get unlimited popcorn.)

For drinks, iPic turns to Master Bartender/Advanced Sommelier Adam Seger, who’s been dubbed “The Charlie Trotter of Cocktails.” Along with custom “garden to glass” cocktails created by Seger, patrons can choose from an extensive menu of wine, beer and spirits to enjoy while moviegoing. Again, most of the options will cost you a pretty penny, but beer, for example, can be had for a reasonable $7.


For the Kids
For sure, the iPic experience is one that caters to adults looking for a special and distinct movie-going experience, but there’s no question kids will love this place, too.

The theater welcomes kids’ birthday parties every day before noon. Rates are $29 per person with a 10 person minimum. A basic package includes one entree, one dessert, one box of candy (all of the child’s choice) and unlimited popcorn. Food options include chicken fingers, pizza, burger and fries or fruit and grilled cheese with fries or fruit.

The theater books baby showers, too, if you’re thinking an adult party would be fun — mocktails, available, of course.


The Cost of Affordable Luxury
Rates vary depending on day, time and seating level, but range from $14 – $29. Members (the theater offers a free level and a premium one for a fee) receive discounts and special offers.

iPic Fulton Market at Seaport District
11 Fulton St.
Seaport District


Have you ever seen a movie at an iPic Theater? Tell us in the comments  below! 

— Mimi O’Conor