Back in 2016, we reviewed Kellogg’s NYC, a cereal-themed restaurant in Times Square, which received two thumbs up from our toddler critic. The venue generated tons of press, but skeptics chuckled, insisting Kellogg’s NYC would shudder within months, and that no one would pay for a bowl of cereal, even if it did come with a prize. It didn’t quite go that way. Read on for the scoop on Kellogg’s cafe 2.0!


photo: courtesy Kellogg’s

Bigger and better
The doubters were proven very wrong, and Froot Loops fans across the Big Apple can now rejoice. Kellogg’s NYC was so popular the novelty eatery recently relocated to a much larger space (with amazing views!) in Union Square, right next to Barnes & Noble. Prime real estate for prime cereal lovers of all ages.

The second iteration of Kellogg’s® NYC Café is quite impressive. It’s on a second-level, so you walk up a staircase to enter the restaurant. But don’t panic, parents with strollers—there is indeed an elevator at 36 East 18th Street, off to the side of the building. Also, once inside Kellogg’s NYC, there will be a designated stroller area.

And now, grab your spoons and get ready for the Red Tricycle tour of Kellogg’s NYC, Part II.

Lounge-vibe, but still quirky
The new Kellogg’s cafe maintained its trademark personality and charm. The previous location was fun and kitschy, but the new location feels sleeker; like an upscale coffee shop meets niche theme restaurant. It’s five times larger than the previous space. With high ceilings and an open, airy, loft-like feel, Kelloggs NYC was conceptualized by Sandra Di Capua and Anthony Rudlof of Co.create NYC.

photo: Kellogg’s

Sweet seating 
Cereal-loving customers  can sit at the long wooden table right up front, swings that overlook Union Square, traditional tables in the rear, and even on bean-bags chairs. The new location even has a long counter with colorful stools that overlooks a spacious kitchen.

But the coolest part of Kellogg’s NYC (besides the food, which we’ll get to…) are the dens. There are 4 themed stations (such as Tony the Tiger and Raisin Bran) arranged in the center of the Cafe that each offer something special, such as a Nintendo or board games inside the coffee table. (There’s also free WiFi.)

photo: Rachel Sokol

Snap, crackle, plop!
The dens are arranged to look like someone’s living area, with chairs, couches, large TVs, and more. The shelves around the TVs are adorned with Kellogg’s merchandise such as mugs with cereal logos,  and familiar figurines such as “Snap, Crackle, Pop.’

Patrons young and old will make a beeline for the dens; especially the ones with video game consoles, so if you and the kids can nab one on a crowded day; kudos to you!

The menu
The new Kellogg’s NYC location will offer a revamped cereal-inspired menu. You can make your own bowl with funky add-on flavors such as sprinkles and yellow cake mix. (There is also regular fruit, of course)  or order a specific bowl off the menu from a red-aproned employee.

photo: Kellogg’s

Need ideas? No problem.
Menu suggestions for creative bowls include Corny Blues (Corn Pops, Lemon Blueberry Jam, Sea Salt), Life in Color (Froot Loops, Passion Fruit Lime Jam, Mini Marshmallows) and more.

Celebrity mom Lauren Conrad created some bowls specifically for Kellogg’s NYC, such as Wake Me Up (Frosted Flakes, Ginger Snaps, Pumpkin Spice, Graham Cracker Crumble) and in the near future other special guests will curate bowls for Kellogg’s NYC.

Currently, straight-up cereal is $1.50, with unlimited toppings, it’s $4; milk is $2 ($3.5 for the special option of the day), and drinks range from $3.50 to $6.00.

All fruit available is fresh; and milk options include  whole, skim, almond and soy.

photo: Rachel Sokol

Other goodies
Additional special treats at Kellogg’s NYC include Make-Your-Own Fruity Pop Tarts or Ice Cream Sandwich Pop-Tarts with Oddfellows Ice Cream ($2 to $6), Fresh-off-the-grill Eggo Waffles with corn-flake crusted chicken ($6), additional beverages from a LaCroix vending machine manufactured specifically for Kellogg’s NYC, and more. Patrons can even purchase one of Kellogg’s newest cereals: Super Mario Bros.

There’s also a photo kiosk where foodies can snap pictures of their cereal-inspired creations (and enhance the pic with Kellogg’s props) and upload their food photos to Instagram. (Don’t forget to hashtag Kellogg’s NYC, breakfast lovers!)

Unfortunately, the lockers from the old location that held a cereal prize inside are gone; but the revamped Kellogg’s NYC will still have many kid-approved surprises. One is Tony the Tiger, who, as an employee told us, will be making appearances at the Cafe; so keep your eyes peeled for him—not that he can be missed!

photo: Rachel Sokol

Birthday Parties
The team at Kellogg’s NYC really listened to customer feedback from the Times Square location, and a major request from parents was birthday parties. Parties are now available at Kellogg’s NYC, and the venue already has a few booked.

There’s an on-site coordinator who can help make your child’s cereal-themed party a huge success, and various sections of the cafe, such as a den area, the bean bag area, or a quieter office-like space in the very back, can be reserved for kid’s parties, and yes, kids, you can request a visit from Tony the Tiger at your gathering.

Older kids may want an after-hours party. Kellogg’s NYC closes at 6:00 p.m.— 4:00 p.m. on Sundays–leaving evenings open for private parties. Keep that in mind when booking one if want the place all to yourselves. Hey, we’ve all had cereal for dinner at some point, right?

photo: Rachel Sokol

Kid and adult-friendly
Basically, as more and more niche places close in New York City, it’s comforting to know some are still kickin’ it–especially ones that cater to something familiar and beloved: cereal!  It’s welcoming for both adults and kids and doesn’t feel gimmicky. When we visited, one local parent commented that it’s a perfect place for her kids to have an after-school snack, and do their homework, before heading home for the evening.

Note: No high-chairs available yet, but soon. Restaurant is credit card only.

For more Kellogg’s NYC fun, follow them on Instagram: @kelloggsnyc

Kellogg’s NYC
31 E 17th St.
Union Square

Will you be visiting the new Kellogg’s cafe? Tell us in the comments!

—Rachel Sokol