It sounds like a posh area of London (which did, in fact, lend the neighborhood its name) but Kensington, Brooklyn is more down-to-earth than it is high falutin’, and that of course is part of its charm. It’s not Park Slope, it’s not Ditmas Park, it’s not Borough Park, or even Sunset Park — but it is near the park! (Prospect Park, that is.) It’s also a great place to raise a family, and those that live there know why. Below, tell-tale signs you’re a Kensington Brooklyn parent.

photo: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

1. You adopted your dog (or cat, or lizard, or hamster) at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and the organization’s annual Howl-a-ween is a family tradition.

2. Greenwood Playground is a perennial hang, in all seasons.

3. Your child learned to tumble at Prospect Gymnastics, got rhythm at Alden Moves Dance Studio, and earned stripes and belts at Blitz Dojo.

4. If you and your kids are so moved, you can hop on over to Kensington Stables for a pony ride up and down the block.

5. Your kid (and all the others in the neighborhood) hits the fields for soccer in the spring. You’ve even been roped into coaching.

6. You think your street fairs are the best because they sell more than the same old stuff at all the others around town, and feature Bangladeshi live music.

7. You’ve been to more than a few birthday parties at slot car racing spot Buzz-a-rama, Melody Lanes, and Bounce U.

8. You have family debates about where to get pizza: Roma or Beverley Pizza.

9. You thought Halloween in other parts of Brooklyn was intense. And then you checked out 4th Street, flaming pumpkins and all.

10. Your child gets an old school Carvel ice cream cake on their birthday, and ice cream on Wednesdays, thanks to the Carvel shop on Church Ave.

11. You’ve spent more time than should be legal in the Windsor Terrace library.

12. With its diversity and sense of community, you can’t think of a better place to raise your kid.

What’s your tell-tale sign of a Kensington parent? Tell us in the comments!

—Mimi O’Connor