You come to Red Tricycle to find concerts, festivals, special events and one-off classes for kids, but where can you find ongoing classes and camps for your child? We recently discovered Kidz Central Station, which is one big, free, searchable database of scheduled fun for kids in New York City. Whether your kid is into music or sports or if you want them to try learning a language or science skills, you’re bound to find the perfect program to sign him up for. Keep reading to learn more about this cool new site founded by an NYC mom.

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What You’ll Find on Kidz Central
Search the site to find more than 1,000 local classes and camps for all ages from infant to school-age kids. Besides classes you can sign up for by the semester or a session of several weeks, you can also find recurring drop-in classes.

When searching, you can narrow down your choices by class type (karate and martial arts, storytelling, cooking and enrichment programs to name a few), age and neighborhood. So far 9 neighborhoods in Brooklyn and 18 neighborhoods in Manhattan are covered.

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A quick search for baby classes came up with lots of options including Baby Fingers Sign Language, drop-in jam sessions, Sun Sessions! Music in the Park with Kids at Work, Tummy Time with Daddy and so much more. If you’re hunting for options for preschool-aged kids we found Rocks, Smocks & Animals at The Ant Farm in the City, Swim Team Prep at Physique Swimming, Pre-Ballet at City Moves Dance Studio and many, many more.

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How it Works
The site is free to use and once you find a class you think your kiddo will like, you can sign her up right on Kidz Central Station at no extra charge. How easy is that?

Beyond the fact that the site makes it easy to search for and sign up for classes, Kidz Central Station has other benefits, too. Many of the classes you’ll find in search results offer free trial classes, which you can sign up for instantly. If your kid takes a class and enjoys it, you can also re-register through the site. And, when you buy your class registrations through Kidz Central Station you’ll earn points, which can later be used for discounts on future classes and camps.

Have you used Kidz Central Station to sign your kid up for a class? How was it? 

— Julie Seguss

photos courtesy of Kidz Central Station