It’s coming for your child! The dreaded Brain Drain: A sharp-fanged monster known for burrowing into your kiddo’s head throughout the summer months and removing up to sixty percent of what they learned over the previous school year by September (and you thought lice were the only pestilence you need worry about). Brain drain is particularly risky during the first few years of school, since tots who fall behind in the early years rarely catch up down the line.

Fortunately, like all monsters, the evil Brain Drain can be fought using that old Schoolhouse Rock slogan: Knowledge is Power! Here, Red Tricycle rounds up five fun activities the whole family can do over the summer that are also (shhh, don’t tell the little guys) educational.

Old School Learning

Of course, sometimes, the best way to beat the Brain Drain is to actually, you know, study. There are plenty of educational apps around to review letters, numbers, shapes, and more. Parents wanting to go retro can stock up on workbooks (which cost money) or printable worksheets (which are free).

In the end, the key - and proverbial magic bullet - to a Summer Brain Drain is insatiable curiosity. Ask questions about everything you do, see or imagine. Then make a point of seeking out the answers. Do this at the library, at the museum, outside, online and everywhere else you go with your kids. The where and the what don't matter as much as the just doing it - all summer long.

Photo courtesy of Brad Flickinger via Flickr

– Alina Adams