As we begin to thaw out from winter’s unrelenting brutality (hopefully!), there are six terrific concerts for you to enjoy alongside your kids featuring a mix of local and out-of-town bands, and one brilliant evening of youthful song and discussion with a pair of musical heavyweights for you to have fun sans children.

Billy Kelly and the Blah Blah Blahs

When: Sat., Mar. 1, 11 a.m.

Where: Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, Upper West Side

Cost: $20 adults / $15 kids

A comedy show wrapped up in a musical blanket? A concert disguised as a stand-up routine? Seeing Billy Kelly perform live is sure to do at least these two things for you and your kids: You will laugh hysterically at the puns, witty wordplay and clever all-ages double entendres, and you will also have solid gold rock-n-roll choruses about a love of milk, a dance from outer space, and the world's most famous cardboard box stuck in your heads for days upon days.

Get Billy Kelly concert details here.

It’s another month of awesome concerts; will you be attending any with your little rock stars?

–Jeff Bogle