With its central Manhattan location, quiet streets, international population and great schools, Murray Hill scores well as a great family neighborhood, but it may not be on your radar as a destination for a day of fun. With major city landmarks like the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station along with unique playspaces, there’s plenty to keep you busy for a day or more. Check out the following guide to Murray Hill to discover great activities, shopping, food and more that the whole family will enjoy.

See at Shop at Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Dame of Murray Hill (and urban movie set to dozens of superhero movies), Grand Central is a big deal. Kids love its business, its vastness and its architectural boldness. Engage this love of bigness with one of the free audio tours available. Load them on your smart phone and stroll, listen, look and learn. When you’re done with your self-guided tour, head to the dining hall: Grand Central has over 35 places to eat, plus a full market hall where you can buy everything from hand-dipped chocolates to exotic cheese. Don't forget to check out Grand Central's 68 shops (one of them is a toy store!), plus its ongoing calendar of seasonal events.

Grand Central Terminal
89 E 42nd St.
Mon. - Sun., 5:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Image courtesy of Grand Central Terminal Organization

Where is your favorite family-friendly spot in Murray Hill?

–Stephanie Pedersen