We get it, Brooklyn. You’ve got a lot going on. So much so that it’s hard to keep up with all the kid-friendly places for jumping and climbing, getting mucky with paints and clay, quiet reading, shopping for some rainbow bling  or filling empty tummies with something delicious. But we try! Click through for 9 fresh places just in Brownstone Brooklyn alone.

For an Upstate Ice Cream Institution Pop-Up: Jones Humdinger

If you're counting, this is 10 (we promised nine), but we stumbled upon Jones Humdinger this week and had to add it. The Humdinger brand is a cult favorite in Binghamton, in production since 1957. (Its charming store upstate continues to scoop out deliciousness.) This far-flung pop-up shop is the brainchild of Vince and Rebecca Demaria, who met in Binghamton, live in Cobble Hill, and have experience in the food sector (him) and real estate (her; she represented the storefront when it became vacant.) Cut to: they began work in April, opened last weekend, and ran out of ice cream demand was so high. (An emergency carload was ferried down stat.) The shop will serve 32 out of the 40 Humdinger flavors, with 16 on offer at any given time. Plus: D'amico coffee, pastries, ice cream treats and more. It's a pop-up for now, but if all goes well, this shop may be at this corner spot for good.

119 Court St.
Downtown Brooklyn
Online: facebook.com/HumdingerBK

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— Emily Myers