Looking to spend some quality time with the fam this weekend but not sure what to do? You can get your skate on at this annual ice skating party, or check out Doctor Kaboom if you’re not into the wintery outdoors. Plus, the 144th Annual WKC Dog Show is happening this weekend. Cheer on your favorite breeds at the main event! Art workshops, family concerts, kid-friendly plays and more round out our top picks. Scroll down to see what else is happening this weekend!

Photo: Tomas Fano via flickr


Architecture Valentines
Create your custom-made Valentines featuring romantic skyscrapers and intriguing architectural features. You can share them with family, friends or your secret crush. Sat. Event Details.

Family Day: I Love NYC
This annual competition invites architecture firms to think about how a Valentine sent from the heart of Times Square could express love for everyone. Look at the various designs for this public piece of art and then, as a family, you will design and build your own model of a 3D Valentine for NYC! Sat. Event Details.


Riddle of the Trilobites
In this live, original musical, set 500 million years ago, all life dwells in one sea and trilobites rule the ocean floor. When young Aphra discovers that the fate of the entire trilobite kingdom rests on her shelled shoulders, she and her arthropod pals must solve the RIDDLE OF THE TRILOBITES before a sea change of epic proportions destroys their home. Fri.-Sun. Event Details. 

Creative Play: Setsubun
Families will join in one of the favorite traditions of Japanese children – welcoming spring by scaring away ogres – by throwing soybeans at them! Children will dress their parents and caregivers up like ogres (oni), then dance before the bean-throwing begins. Sun. Event Details. 


Doktor Kaboom: Look Out Science
Doktor Kaboom is an over-the-top German physicist with an unbridled and contagious passion for science. Sporting chrome goggles, orange lab coat, motorcycle boots, and wicked cool hair, Doktor Kaboom travels the world, thrilling adults and children alike with an explosive comedic style that is guaranteed to please. Sat. Event Details. 

23rd Annual Soul on Ice Skating Party
This festive event gathers over a thousand families, friends, community supporters and local businesses for a fun-filled day of ice skating, delicious treats, exciting raffle prizes, music and more! Sat. Event Details.


Hatched: Treehouse Shakers
Hatched is the original performance of a newborn chick emerging from her shell at sunrise to a strange and busy world. Told to the youngest of audience members 0-6, it is a first introduction into the theatre, while incorporating both the museum and farm. Fri.-Sun. Event Details.

Open Studios: Glass in the City
Discover and celebrate the wonders of glass as a material that reflects, refracts, and makes up the walls and windows of the city! A neon demonstration will show how the signs that light up storefronts are made, as well as demonstrations in glassblowing and flameworking. Sat. Event Details.


Guitar Mash “Urban Campfire”
“NYC Urban Campfire: QUEENS” is an immersive participatory concert that blurs the lines between artist and audience. Audience members are invited to bring guitars and other acoustic string instruments. Lyrics and chords will be made available in advance and projected during the event. Don’t play? Sing along or just hang out! Fri. Event Details. 

Alice in Wonderland
The classic tale of Alice, a certain rabbit, and the rest of the mad cast of characters takes a twist: it’s not set in a garden. This time, it’s a library full of pop-up books! Sun. Event Details. 


Family Affair: Heart of the Bronx
Enjoy free family art activities inspired by current exhibits celebrating the city we all love: New York! Sat. Event Details. 

Family Art Project
Celebrate the ways we care for each other by creating woodland creature sock puppets or huggable heating pads for those you want to extend care to. Use rice, plant medicine, and essential oils to stuff socks that can be heated or chilled. Sat.-Sun. Event Details. 


–Jesseca Stenson


featured image: Tomas Fano via flickr