Happy March! Are you ready to ring in the month of spring? Check out this fun birding workshop, find out what makes this festival so unique, or get your groove on at this family-friendly brunch. But that’s not all. Keep scrolling on for the rest of our top picks!

Photo: Center for Architecture


Tinker Lab: Storytelling Shadow Puppets
Artist Stephen Foster’s artwork brings to life the Haida story of the Raven who carried daylight to his dark world by evoking hand shadows during a camping trip. Explore the tradition of storytelling through the world of shadow puppets by creating your own 2-D or 3-D printed character. Sat. Event Details.

Family Day: Animal Architecture
Have you ever been curious about where animals live? Families will explore how animals build their homes by observing structures such as nests, ant colonies, shells, and dams. Using this inspiration, families will create their own animal architecture designs! Sat. Event Details.

Layer the Walls: A Puppetry Performance About NYC’s Lower East Side
There are 40 layers of wallpaper on the walls of an aging New York City tenement building. Each layer contains stories of everyday Italian, Jewish and Irish immigrants surviving storms, building bridges, creating new policies and shaping a new American identity. Fri.-Sun. Event Details.


Hinamatsuri: Doll Festival
This unique festival will feature a dance performance, crafts, and festival-related food while learning about and enjoying displays of intricately decorated hina dolls. Sun. Event Details.

On a Roll: Myths and Monsters
Get up close and personal with the Morgan’s collection of Ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals, some of the smallest and oldest sculptures in the world. Participants will learn about the myths, monsters and history of Mesopotamia and then create their own seals in clay. Sat. Event Details.


The Not-Its! in Concert
This Seattle based kindie rock quartet will rock kids and families with their up-tempo danceable songs that give children their first “rock show” experience. Sat. Event Details.


5th Annual Middle School Jazz Festival
The festival will feature performances by participating middle schools, clinics by the BMS faculty, professional development for participating school faculty members, and a closing concert/awards ceremony. Sat. Event Details.

Robin Hood Now
Spark Movement Collective introduces a new family-friendly dance production of the age-old tale of Robin Hood with a contemporary twist. Robin Hood Now, updates the famous folklore by drawing inspiration from real stories about acts of kindness shared by children around New York. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.

Musical Family Brunch with Lloyd H. Miller
Lloyd H. Miller will sing interactive originals, kid classics, and folk song favorites. Seated and standing movement, instrument play-a-long, and lots of singing will keep the kids happy while the grown-ups enjoy a delicious diverse menu including kosher, gluten-free, and other special options. Lloyd will bring a mat for the kids to sit and roll around on, instruments to play, books, and maybe even some puppets. The ultimate family-friendly brunch! Sun. Event Details.


Compost Mania at QBG
See decomposers under the microscope, meet red wiggler worms, mix your own potting soil, sow some seeds, and roll wildflower seed balls! Take home what you make! This family-friendly day is all about compost—how it’s made and used. Find out why recycling food scraps and yard waste creates a more sustainable urban environment! Sat. Event Details.


Family Art Project: Give a Feathery Friend a Home or a Feeder
Winter birds and returning migrators could use a little help right now with nests and food. Camouflage the boxy shape of an ordinary milk carton with pine boughs and leaves. Add seeds and an inviting stick perch to create a welcoming home. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.

What’s your favorite neighborhood family spot? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Jesseca Stenson