Spring is so close we can almost feel it! If you’re counting down the days like we are, you’re sure to enjoy this workshop at the QBG, or this one at Wave Hill. Want to keep things indoors? You can put on your dancing shoes and strut your stuff at this concert downtown, or this dance workshop in Brooklyn. We have even more events rounded up just for you. Keep scrolling on for the rest of our top picks!

Photo: City of Science


Fiesta Tropical Concert with Bilingual Birdies Band!
In this 45-minute highly energetic and interactive performance, a group of six friends are invited to a tropical dance party, FIESTA TROPICAL. Kids learn new words in Spanish and heart-warming life lessons as the group of friends make their way to the party. The sounds of cumbia, salsa, tango, and samba, create an unforgettable performance where families are exposed to and empowered by the rich cultural heritage of Latin America! Sat. Event Details.


KB Whirly in Concert
Featuring a backpack drum kit, foot-powered percussion, a musical loop machine, and award-winning song craft. KB’s multi-instrumental performance will create an entire band before your eyes using just his own two hands (and feet). Sat. Event Details.

The Paper Bag Players: That’s Quite Absurd!
Picture This! begins with a gallery program that includes interactive activities, art viewing, and a PJ Library collection book reading. Then head to the art studio to create original art and enjoy a snack. Finish up the program with a concert featuring The Paper Bag Players. Sun. Event Details.

Treehouse Shakers’ Present Hatched
Intimately staged, young audiences are encouraged to interact with the newborn animals as they explore their worlds in this family-friendly production. Through movement and music, the calf learns to walk, the baby birds attempt to fly, and the lamb makes a new friend with the curious hatched chick. Audience members interact and play with the characters on stage; they give the chicks their feed, milk bottles to the lamb, are licked by the cow, and feed worms to the baby birds. Fri.-Sun. Event Details.


Family Fun Series: Irish Dance
Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day by learning the basics of Irish dance in this exciting class that uses traditional dance reels to understand the unique sounds of Irish music. Your family will learn solo steps and group dances called Ceili. Sat. Event Details.

BAMkids Teknopolis
Discover a vibrant virtual world to inspire and activate artists of all ages. BAM’s second tech takeover features four floors of immersive stories, digital music-making, liquid visuals, and so many more ways to combine code and creativity, art and technology. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.


The Art of Chinese Paper Cutting
Learn about Chinese traditions of paper cutting. Make your own works to bring home and contribute to a collaborative paper installation at QBG. Sat. Event Details.

Bon Appétit at NYSCI
This fun and interactive exhibition helps visitors explore their own personal eating habits, as well as the eating habits of other cultures. Visitors can discover topics such as physical activity versus food intake, the workings of the digestive system, creating a balanced diet, and the origin of foods that populate grocery store shelves. Fri.-Sun. Event Details.


Family Art Project: Avifauna Fun Monoprints
Notice the elegant and distinctive shapes of our local bird species. Working with simple templates or your own design, use large pieces of construction paper and tempera paint to make simple, bold, large-scale birdy mono prints. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.

City of Science 2018: Bronx
Join the World Science Festival and Con Edison for this larger-than-life, touring event where the wondrous properties of science, technology, engineering, and math collide! Filled with interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, and enormous exhibitions, this FREE program unleashes everyone’s inner scientist. Sun. Event Details.


How do you keep active as a family during the winter months? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Jesseca Stenson