Are you ready for the first weekend in September? (Seriously, though, where has this year gone?) We’re getting into NYC’s festival season and this weekend is chock full of them. Don’t miss this county fair in Manhattan, this traditional fest in the Bronx, this block party in Brooklyn, or this celebration of the Moon Festival in Queens. But that’s just the beginning. Keep on scrolling for the rest of our top event picks!

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Mid-Autumn Moon Family Festival
Mooncakes, lanterns, and the Jade Rabbit on the moon! Explore the customs and traditions behind this harvest festival with a mooncake tasting, arts and crafts, stellar story time, and more family fun. Drop-in crafts include calligraphy workshops, shadow puppet making, and more. Sat. Event Details.

Pop-Up Skyscraper Cards
Get excited for National Skyscraper Day by making pop-up cards of your own skyscraper design! Kids will learn about famous skyscrapers by touring the permanent exhibit, and then draw their own tower on their take-home card. Sat. Event Details.


History Detective Briefcase for Families
Check out a free History Detective Briefcase from the Membership Desk and use it to explore the Luce Center on the 4th floor, with its fascinating array of historical artifacts. Each briefcase provides fun, interactive, family-centered challenges—like games, sketching, and other activities—that help you discover even more about the past. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.

West Side County Fair
Enjoy a full day of county fair magic in Manhattan with live bands, sideshow performers, carnival rides and games, local food and merchandise vendors, cotton candy, Grow NYC Stop ‘N’ Swap, and more! Sun. Event Details.


Mister Dips 3rd Annual Block Party
Welcome autumn and enjoy a full day of activities including live performances, face painting, games, and prizes. Sat. Event Details.

Taste of History: Apple Butter
Join Prospect Park Alliance every weekend in September at Lefferts Historic House to help peel, cut and core apples for the preparation of freshly stewed apple butter: a historic way of preserving fresh apples for a sweet and nutritious treat all winter long. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.


Pirate Pete’s Parrot
Climb aboard, get your sea legs steady and get ready for adventure with the children’s musical “Pirate Pete’s Parrot” from The Secret Theatre in Queens. In the tradition of English pantomime shows, “Pirate Pete’s Parrot” delivers music, mischief and a boatload of laughs for both children and adults. Fri. Event Details.

Kite Making Workshop
Rethink the kite as a structure for display by adding text and graphics. A total of 100 kites will be flown as a group to create a banner/image/floating graphic! Sat. Event Details.

Chuseok Korean Moon Festival
Celebrating South Korean culture, and riding the globally popular “Korean Wave” of pop culture, this event features musical entertainment with K-pop performances, Korean products, food vendors, and more! Sat.-Sun. Event Details.


Family Art Project
Celebrate collaboration, community and power in numbers as you explore the many ways animals exist and work together in herds, schools, flocks, bevys and more. Create animal puppets, then join your Family Art Project neighbors for some group storytelling to help your puppets find their packs. Sat.-Sun. Event Details.

Ferragosto 2019
Going back centuries, the Ferragosto tradition recognizes the end of the harvest season and to enjoy the fruits of those labors. The Ferragosto celebration includes traditional Italian Street Performances, celebrity guests, great music, kid activities and more! Sun. Event Details.


–Jesseca Stenson


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