In New York City, warmer weather brings street fairs, festivals, and lots of free, large-scale art popping up all over town. This year brings a dancing bronze hippo, a concrete outdoor ballroom, a mesmerizing whirlpool and more. Click through for highlights of the fresh public art on display this spring and summer, plus a couple classics.


Hiding amongst a monotonous group of NYU buildings in between Bleecker and Houston Street at Laguardia Place is one of New York’s most lovely (and gigantic) secrets: a Picasso sculpture that soars to 36 feet tall and weighs an impressive 60 tons. And who is this mystery lady, your children might ask? You can tell them it’s Picasso’s muse, Sylvette David. The mammoth Sylvette dates back to 1967. She overlooks a grassy knoll, perfect for a picnic.

photo: via Willy Graub, Flickr Creative Commons

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—Yuliya Geikhman