Looking for a few new ways to milk those last hot days of summer before the kids head back to school? We asked Red Tricycle’s New York City writers to share their favorite ways to spend a summer day in the city with their kids. Flip through our photo book to see their awesome adventures. Then, add a few of these fun activities to your summer bucket list and check them off before fall weather arrives.

Yuliya Geikhman - Check Out Neighborhood Street Fairs

During the summer we love to visit all the local street fairs that pop up around my neighborhood in Kings County, Brooklyn. Sometimes they're huge Sony-funded events, and other times the only advertising they get is a home-made flyer on a lamppost. My husband loves the busy crowds and I love the fun stuff you can buy. My 1-year-old, Alice, isn't quite big enough to go on the pony rides, but she loves to watch the small horses and make animal sounds at them (which at the moment are an all-encompassing "Squeeee!").

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What fun have you had in the city this season? Share your summer highlights in a Comment. Go ahead, brag a little!