Looking for a few new ways to milk those last hot days of summer before the kids head back to school? We asked Red Tricycle’s New York City writers to share their favorite ways to spend a summer day in the city with their kids. Flip through our photo book to see their awesome adventures. Then, add a few of these fun activities to your summer bucket list and check them off before fall weather arrives.

Alina Adamas - Play in the Water

To me, summer in New York City is all about water. It's hot, it's sticky, and that means you want (need) to get wet! You can make a whole day of it by hitting the beach. My favorite is Brighton Beach at the bottom of Brooklyn. It's ridiculously easy to get to from Manhattan. On the weekdays, take the B train straight down. It's the last stop, you can't miss it. On the weekends, transfer to the Q at 42nd St. and go to Brighton Beach station. There, the beach is just a block away! If you're looking for a shorter jaunt, however, look no further than your nearest playground. Most of them have sprinklers. If you're Manhattan-based, want something in between and are willing to pay, the Manhattan Children's Museum has an outdoor play area that kids can spend hours in (while you sit in the shade). In NYC, it's water, water everywhere - and so many places to play!

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