For most of us, learning to swim was a childhood rite of passage, one that we want for our own children, too. Even though we’re surrounded by water, no one’s dipping into the Hudson or East River (for good reason.) Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think to find the perfect swim lessons for your kids, no matter what their age or level. Here are seven of our favorites to get your family water — and warm weather — ready!



For a Location Likely Near You: YMCA

More native New Yorkers have learned to swim at the Y than anywhere else. Convenience probably has a lot to do with it: With 24 locations spread throughout all five boroughs, it’s easy to find a nearby pool. Lessons run for six to eight weeks and are organized according to skill and age, with students as young as six months and as old as 18. The potential downside to the Y?: Class size. At 10 to 12 kids, the classes are definitely are larger than many of the more expensive swim school offerings, but the price is very competitive.

Tip: A YMCA membership will shave 10% to 30% off your swimming class fee, and will give you access to any pool in the Y network, should you want to swim a few strokes in another neighborhood.

Locations throughout the five boroughs

photo: via Phalinn Ooi on Flickr


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—Stephanie Pedersen