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B & Me NYC: A Cold Weather Urban Baby-wearing Solution

Winter in NYC is a whole new ballgame with a baby, especially because you still, for the most part, get from one place to another by walking or the train. B & Me NYC founder Sarah Clark faced off against chilly Big Apple winds when her first child was born, and disappointed with her options, created cool weather baby-wearing solutions herself. The Booker Coat and The Booker Vest can be worn solo or as a layering piece when pregnant, using a carrier or as a regular "civilian" coat. Both are outfitted with invisible side zippers at adjust sizing, tandem two-way zippers which can be opened to keep your hands warm or let baby's arms out, and an adjustable drawstring at the bottom for optimal fit and warmth. Bonus pockets at the sleeves hold city essentials like a Metrocard, lip balm and perhaps a pacifier...


photo: B&Me NYC



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— Mimi O’Connor